Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Sale: Pune

On 15th August, I visited this annual Book Sale at C M Shah Hall Inst Of Engineers, Next to COEP Ground, Opp. Modern cafe at ShivajinagarPune. It is organised by Broadway Book Centre [Panaji, Goa]. Several books were available for flat Rs 50. This was the 5th year I was attending this Sale. Earlier, I used to visit it during our lunch breaks at office since it was very close from there. There would be no crowd on Week days and therefore, enough opportunity to scan through all the books. I have even taken my son there when he was 3 months old. My husband is very accommodating that ways. Though this venue is quite far from my place, and though I have and I buy several books all the time; he always agrees to take me to this Book Sale every year. He would not even ask me to hurry up.

I always believe that it is pure luck what you would find in a Book Sale. The books are laid out mostly at random. It is luck that leads you to the right kind of books. 

In this Sale, like every year, there were several Popular fiction titles of foreign authors in thriller, chicklit and romance genres, who I had never heard of. But there were also books like Little Princes for Rs 100 or Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent for Rs 50. 

The Sale is still going on and will be there till atleast next month, I suppose. I wanted to buy some books for my son but there weren't any for his age. They told me, they would get books for young kids in October. 

I selected 11 books for Rs 50 each and 3 were for Rs 100 each. I even bargained on that and got them all for Rs 800. They also have some offer where for every purchase of Rs 200, you would get a free book. Free books, as usual, are worthless. You can see the bunch below, and can easily spot the free books [I got 3].

Here's my loot, all for Rs 800 :-)

Every year, it is pure luck that I find out about this Sale. I hardly read paper, and they have very tiny ad about this Sale on one of the days. And I always happen to see it. There is no information about this Sale anywhere on the internet too. I think, it is mostly frequented by College crowd or people who live / move around the vicinity. 

If you are in Pune, do check it out! We hardly get any Book Sale here :-(


  1. Don't you just love booksales? And I agree, it is often luck with the books you find, but I always feel so very lucky if I do find something.

    It looks like you managed to feel that way 18 times over ;) I only own the Bill Bryson and I am ashamed to say that I tried reading it once but got stuck somewhere around the middle. I'd love to give it another try though, as I'm pretty sure it was my mood at the time rather than Bryson's writing.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment! Enjoy your books!

    1. Thank you so much Iris for dropping in. I love Book Sales. I just have to know about it. I would tug along my husband and my son, to one. Something or the other struck me in each of these books - sometimes the author, sometimes the story / topic. I have Bryson's Lost Continent, and I love travel genre. His books were highly recommended.
      I just discovered your blog, and it is always a pleasure to discover more book lovers :-)

  2. I see a Josephine Cox, Alexander McCall Smith and Sold by McCormick in your loot. All great choices. I love book sales though I don't frequent them much. My favorite haunt for bargains is and will always be Delhi's Sunday book market. Awesome collection of second hand books(in really good condition) at throw away prices.

  3. Right I'm also told that from 1st Oct, the hall will be filled with books for Childrens Only !!!

    1. I am eagerly waiting for it. But they don't really stock any popular books. You just have to pick the best options. Most of the good kiddie board books are imported editions and are very expensive, if only they stock any of those.