Saturday, January 19, 2013

Book Sale: Discounts Alert January 2013

This discount offer has been going on for a while now at the Landmark Bookstores. They have a huge collection of books available under "3-for-2", which means that you can buy 3 books by paying for 2 from the books on offer. And this is a really good offer because several popular titles are available on offer.

Besides, Penguin India has been celebrating 25th anniversary. So, I also found 25% off on Penguin Titles at Landmark stores. But this was sometime back so it needs to be validated if the offer is still running.


  1. That's super cool! But we don't have a Landmark store in Jaipur! Only Crossword! :|

    1. Oh, is it? I prefer Landmark over Crossword. They have a huge range of books beyond popular ones, besides the sale at Landmark is always worthwhile unlike Crossword. Hope you get one soon :-)