Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Books Round-up: 2012 in Books and 2013

Non Fiction
Though I read only 21 books (not counting the various Parenting books which I used as reference since I did not read them start to finish) last year, yet it was a good year. I was focused on reading and reviewing books, as I have eliminated TV from my life completely. Had it not been for reviewing almost every book that I read, I would have actually read many more. Till the time I review the book, I usually do not proceed to the next one. 


For 2013, these are the few things which I have decided to do:

  • I am targeting 48 books - technically 4 books every month. On the face of it, it looks completely doable.
  • I have also decided to do 40 or more book reviews. 
  • I would focus on the books which I really want to read, and not pay any heed to other voices
  • I would focus on diverse subjects and explore new authors in literary fiction. There are several authors I have never read before - from Naipaul to Rushdie, from Ruskin Bond to Vikram Seth - there are many explored territories.


  1. Have read 5 of these :)

    Good luck for all your resolutions! They are really doable :)

    1. Thank you so much. It always looks doable in the beginning :-)

  2. Great books! I've still not read the Indian authors you mentioned. Good luck with reading and reviewing! Hope you enjoy :)

    1. Thank you Ashna. The same old story - so many books! so little time! I am very embarrassed by the fact that I have not read many such authors and classics, which as a self-acclaimed bookaholic I should have!

  3. All the best for your resolutions! I am sure you will achieve your target! :)
    I have bought Origins of Love based on your recommendation... will read it soon!

  4. Hey Shilpa, thank you so much. And do let me know your thoughts when you have finished reading 'Origins of Love'. I hope you like it :-)