Monday, March 28, 2011

South Asian Challenge 2011

I have gone ahead and signed up for another Book reading Challenge called South Asian Challenge, hosted by Swapna Krishna at her blog.

I am a little late to join, since the challenge officially stared from January 2011 but it is fine. I still have time till December 2011. This one covers a little more geography. Of course, books on India or by Indians qualify, but I can also include books on and from other South Asian countries.

I am looking forward to the book-filled days and months :-)


  1. Wow! I will start from tomorrow may be because I am in the middle of 'My Sister's Keeper' and it is too good to leave halfway. I am still not clear about how do you list out how many you have read. In short, how do you keep score?

  2. See its entirely upto you how to do that. As far as am concerned i've added a new page for challenges. Also i'll try my best to review each of them and will also add a tag. Also if you are on good reads then you can maintain a list there.

  3. Thanks. I was also thinking about something similar like No. of pages read, number of books read because some books are really, really fat