Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Reading Challenge 2011

I have been toying with the idea of signing up for one of the Book Reading Challenges for sometime now. The reason being it brings in a lot of discipline and I anyways want to read more books.

I just signed up for Book Reading Challenge 2011. The best part is that this book reading challenge is based on books on India or by Indians. The expectations are not quite high and I think I can do it. 

I just have following objectives with this challenge:
  • I will read all the existing books on India or by Indians, which I have been hoarding since ages now
  • I will hunt more interesting books related to India, and since I read non-fiction, fiction, everything, it is not going to be too tough
  • The contest runs from 1st April to 31st May 2011, which I think I will be comfortable with
  • I wanted to bring in more discipline in reading and writing, so hopefully, I would review all the books which I read
Wish me Luck!


  1. Hey I'll also sign up for this!!!

    Have u signed in for the South Asian Challenge? I have signed up for that so it will be 2-in-1 ;)

  2. Thanks penandpaper for the post

  3. Hey! Welcome to our challenge!
    If you want another color for the banner to fit your theme, just send me an email or something with the color? You can be as general as 'white' or as specific as 'FFFFFF' - I'll make it in a giffy.

    (Replace with the symbols, I'm trying to avoid spam)

  4. @ Sakshi - I changed the columns of my blog to accomodate the banner :-) Slightly smaller in width would have been better, but it is fine. No worries. I am all charged up for the challenge, but how does one declare score (as how many we have read), or it is for us to know and keep track?

  5. Pen and Paper - I can still change both width and color with not much difficulty. Would you want me to?

    And we'll be having updates every fortnight where you can post where you are and on your target...though this is optional. :)

  6. In fact, I made you two variants:

    Again, I took estimates and worked with stuff I already had. If you'll give me exact colors/width, I'll make you one for sure. :)
    It wont be a problem at all. :D

  7. @ Sakshi - I think it is OK. Not required. I would look forward to the updates and I would certainly like to post where I am. I am choosing books today to start tomorrow :-)

  8. @ sakshi - I just saw the options given by you. Thanks a ton. It totally works :-)

  9. Anytime, it will be glad to have you with us. :D
    (Though just one thing, I dont want to be rude...but Sakhi, not Sakshi. :D)

  10. @ Sakhi - I'm so sorry to have misspelt your name. I know it is annoying. Actually, I just realised it is Sakhi. Nice name btw!