Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some more books on my over-flowing shelf!

I wrote about this celeb magazine 'PEOPLE' earlier. I am absolutely hooked to it. It has none of those trashy gossips and some really good pictures, plus it has celebs from all walks of life. So, well, they have 2 pages on Books towards the end and I definitely look out for the recommended books. I ended up buying 2 books from the last issue and one more for my collection on Mahabharata:
  • Home Boy by H.M.Naqvi > It has the most amazing covers I have ever seen. There is this grainy feel to the photograph on the cover, which is apparently paining of the characters from the book. I am just starting this book. It has got good reviews. Read one here.
  • The Return of Khokha Babu > Wel, it has collection of short stories from Tagore, so did not think about it much. Just bought it!
  • Thus spake Bhishma > An English translation of 'Main Bhishma Bol Raha hoon'. So, with this, I have added another perspective to my rapidly expanding collection.

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