Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My all-time favourite

I got acquainted with 'ARCHIES' much later, and fell in love with it. Even today, I don't lose an opportunity to get hold of Archies and specially 'Betty & Veronica' Double Digests! They are awesome.
I don't buy the new issues, I take loads of old issues in very low prices, since I find the new ones quite expensive. There is nothing new or old about it! An ARCHIES is an ARCHIES!


  1. You will be surprised to know that I have never really tried my hands on Archies!! Read a few of them but never really got addicted to them...but yes I got addicted to Calvin n Hobbes quite late and have
    now bought many of their books!!!

    As far as your question in my blog is concerned! I do try to finish off the books even if they are very boring! Sometimes I do drop them but then I do go them back to them! But there are some books which I have left in between but they weigh down on me!! They beckon me & I promise myself to go back to them!

  2. And I have never read ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. To come to think of it, I have never read ‘Hardy Boys’ or even ‘Harry Porter’ series for that matter.
    Has it happened to you that some books are so in fashion that it actually becomes embarrassing to admit that, we as self-proclaimed readers, have never read those ever. I have never read Salman Rushdie, Ruskin Bond, Arundhati Roy, Vikram Chandra……………….and so many of them! I don’t know what have I been reading :-)

  3. Well I have also not read even one Hardy Boys & even Nancy Drew for that matter. As far as Harry Porter is concerned I remember reading one book frm the series & though I had liked it I was never inclined enough to go & read more.And the reason is very much what you have said! It is embarassing to admit reading what everyone else is reading ;-) But honestly speaking I have always been like that, I don't want what everyone else has! I want different things from life hehehe...

    Ruskin Bond is my all time fav but to know my views about others read this


    but you know I don't feel bad that I haven't read so many well known authors because I feel there are so many books around that we will never be able to read all books. there would always be some good author whose name would be new for us so why fret? Read the authors which we like ;-)

  4. Know something? I keep thinking about this........that there are so many books around that even if we did nothing else and just read, a lifetime is not enough!

  5. Once upon a time, I never missed any of their comics.
    My fav characters were Pops and Mr Weatherbee :-)

  6. I still adore them. But I think they are quite expensive. So, I always pick from second hand bookshops. I pick those up in bulk, in 10s, 20s!