Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mini Shopaholic Book Giveaway Contest Winner

It was as much fun for me to host this book giveaway as much it had been for all the readers who participated. Open ended questions can throw some exciting and unexpected answers too.

The winner for this book giveaway is Rashmi Sehgal (Gurgaon). Congratulations!

I thank all those who participated in this contest. 
Keep reading, and sharing good books!


  1. It has been a while that I commented here and I am sorry for that.

    In fact u had asked my opinion on this give away & I didn't comment, I am really sorry.

    How is life at your end? How is the sonny boy doing?

  2. No sweat :-) all of us go throug the same drill. In my mind, I comment at hundreds of posts and write several posts, but alas, reality is something else :-)