Thursday, June 7, 2012

Books for the little readers

These days, alongwith books for myself, I also search for good books for children, of all ages. I want to collect a good collection of books for my son. It is very important that the books they are reading have good, unbiased message. I would hate to encourage any kind of prejudices even before he has stepped out into this world.
I am in love with 'The very hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle because

1. The mini board book withstands rough handling (read chewing) by my baby. The mini part makes sure he is able to hold the book. My son is just 10 months right now, by the way!
2. The illustrations resemble drawings of a child
3. Very simple language and interesting
4. Life cycle of caterpillar to butterfly
5. Numbers and names of days
6. Night / day
7. Names of different fruits and food items
8. Die cut holes which kids can finger for fun
I also have a cloth book called 'Fuzzy Bee and friends', and another board book called 'Squishy Turtle and friends'. Actually both came together as a set.

I chanced upon this very interesting link about '50 inspiring children's books with a positive message'


  1. Have ordered the Hungry Caterpillar :)

    I have been collecting the Flap books. There are some good ones of Pooh plus Paraggon has some good books for this stage :)

  2. @Smita- it is a fabulous book. I love it myself eveytime I read it. Though my son is very young now, all of 10 months, he does once in a while listen up to mamma :-)
    I am also getting 'Yummy Yucky' going by anaamica's review her:
    Can you also recommend few books too relevant for reading to my baby and later which he can enjoy reading? You know, something bright, minimum words, positive message and short book sort of. And yeah, I am getting only board books. They are little expensive but since young kids do not handle the books well, it works bette in the long run. I don't want any of these beautiful books to get destroyed:-(