Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book Reading Challenges 2012

I read far fewer books, in 2011, than I intended to. But considering that I had baby, 15 books is not a bad number, while when you consider that I did not have a job and nothing much to do at home for atleast half the year, 15 books sound less!
January is a good time to take up new challenges. I am taking up quite a few reading challenges, assuming that many of those would overlap.

1. South Asian Challenge 2012 (SA Challenge 2012): I intend to read 20 books by South Asian writers or about South Asia, this year.

2. Goodreads 2012 reading challenge: I find this widget extremely interesting. It helps you track your progress. I did not do too well last year, hope I will be on track this year. I intend to read more than 35 books. 

3. Review Challenge 2012 (RC 2012): This one has been initiated by Smita, and since it is in line with my own resolution, I have taken it up. I don't commit to 1 review per week but atleast to review every book that I read, so my goal is of 35 book reviews this year.

4. 2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge (OYRC 2012): Hosted by 'the Book Vixen', this one encourages myself to read atleast more than 15 books this year, since I read 15 in 2011. I will gun for 'I'm on Fire' level :-) which means I will read 16 more books than last year (last year I read 15).

5. Off the Shelf 2012 Challenge (OTS 2012):This challenge is hosted by Bookish Ardour. Looking at my 200 odd collection, of which 70% are unread, I think it is time I took this challenge. I will aim for 'Trying' level, so I would read more than 15 books off my shelves (and not the ones acquired during 2012).

6. Tea and Books Reading Challenge (TABRC): This challenge is hosted by The Book Garden. Only books above 700 pages qualify for this. Hmm.. this is going to be fun. I have a few really fat books but I need to check if they really qualify. I am aiming to be 'Chamomile Lover', so I need to read just 2 such books.

I am really excited about all these challenges and hope to do complete justice to them.


  1. You know I had seen the last two challenges and wanted to take them but as we are shifting my hubby has locked in all my books & we are planning to open them afetr a year!! But WTH I have some books which will fall int his category and they are with me at office. So let me update my post :)

    And yes thanks for taking up my challenge. :)

  2. I am tempted to join tea and book reading challenge..
    Not very good at doing reviews so will join Smita's challenge next year if she keeps it:)

  3. I am having a Challenge on my blog. Check it out at

    It is a Cupcakes War Reading Challenge 2012. Each month we read a different genre and collect or earn a cupcake!!!

  4. Smita - I am really excited about all these challenges, hope I remain on track :) I am yet to start a book though!
    Sharmila - I cannot resist anything that has anything to do with 'tea' and 'books', so I joined it. Besides, I have 4-5 books which have more than 700 pages :)
    Brenda G. Spalding - Thanks for the info, will surely check it out :)

  5. Thanks for participating! Good luck and I hope you reach all your goals :)

  6. Welcome to the Tea & Books Reading Challenge! My next update will be posted on Sunday, hope you stop by!