Saturday, October 8, 2011

Books on Pregnancy

When I discovered that I was pregnant, I searched for best books to refer on Pregnancy. There are several books but after checking out reviews and getting references from people who had gone through this, I zeroed in on 3 books.

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1. What to Expect When you're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
'What to Expect when you are expecting' is like a bible when you are expecting, and I think, even several non-readers have referred to it during pregnancy. I have found answers to every possible question that I had, in this book. 
From before you conceive to what to expect month-after-month (also week by week), and from special cases to post-partum weeks; you will find answer to all your questions in this 600-page book, in an easy question-answer format. 

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2. Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy by Gita Arjun
I carried this one even when I was leaving for hospital, to read about post - delivery because, you see, I was 12 days early. I had not read everything.
Written by Dr. Gita Arjun - an eminent obstetrician and gynaecologist - this book is extremely reader friendly. It attempts to explain how pregnancy happens, foetal development, various tests in different stages of pregnancy, about the entire nine months and labour and delivery. I think the hindi / marathi version of this book is called "Garbha Sanskar". It is an excellent book to refer in Indian context.

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3. PREGNANCY: What The Indian Woman Always Wanted To Know ButWas Afraid To Ask by Nutan Pandit
Nutan Pandit is not a doctor but she has immense knowledge and extensive experience related to child birth. You would say, why another book when the other two answers all the queries.
This book is a little different. It starts with dealing with a lot of myths around pregnancy. The book has several illustrations to facilitate understanding. Apart from usual discussions on conception, pregnancy, labour and delivery; the book takes a look at how labour has cme to be associated with 'pain', understanding the process of natural child birth, understanding and dealing with various problems or discomforts during pregnancy through home remedies, exercises, issues related to feeding, etc.
The language is lucid and illustrative, and everything has been discussed in an interesting way.


  1. I had read the first one :)

    I dunno if u r reading or not but you should be reading Dr. Spocks Baby & Child Care

  2. No I don't have that one. Thanks a ton. Mujhe to book kharidne ka bahana chahiye :-)

  3. I read the first one and also Dr. Spock's when I was pregnant with my first. I must say I found them needlessly panic inducing. Most of the information there just did not apply to me.

    This time around, I am using the Babycenter app, and only for specific issues I face, instead of just reading through pages and pages of stuff that didn't apply to me.

  4. Absolutely. Baby Center is certainly insightful because there are so many queries when you become parents the first time! I'm also keen on reading 'Developmental Psychology' by Elizabeth Hurlock now.

  5. This is a great book. Obviously. And you will hear that from every pregnant person you know, and every person who has ever been. It's informative and comforting. But keep in mind that it's not the ONLY accurate, informative book ever written on pregnancies. I almost prefer "Your Pregnancy, week by week". It answer all the same questions and gives you more week by week guidance, including an actual size estimator for each week of your baby's development (until closer to birth of course) which I really enjoy. Plus it's written by a mother who is also a doctor.

  6. Pls suggest which book to buy as I am not much into reading.. i am expecting my 1st baby nd just 4 weeks old.... difficult to choose between "what to expect when u r expecting" and "Pregnancy:the ultimate week by week guide" or u wud suggest some other. Would certainly be buying Nutan Pandit book as suggested by my sister...thnks..awaiing an early response !!

  7. @Roopali: Congratulations for the happy news in your life :-) I recommend all the 3'I listed, last 2 are in Indian context so extremely helpful. Regarding the first one, it is exhaustive month by month, then week by week guide. I also looked up the other book you asked about and it also sounded similar to What to Expect. If possible, have a look at both these books in a book store and decide as both have good ratings on the net. Personally I have not read Pregnancy:the ultimate week by week guide. My personal experience is don't follow exactly, use your instincts too. Books are more universal. And always read up a little ahead. All the best.

  8. And "Canada" here refers the week by week guide strongly, so do have a look. May be you would find it better than What to Expect :-)

  9. Thanks a ton Reema..really a helpful blog :)

    1. Hi Parkhi, I am glad you found this useful.