Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I did a post on which magazines I absolutely love and follow, and I have been thinking about adding another of my favourites, but never actually went on to do it. I hardly read any newspaper. Not enough time, is usually my excuse, although I do find time to finish off fat books and watch FRIENDS everyday…mmm well!

The Saturday edition of Mint called Lounge is my favourite, and I make it a point to get it every week. I don’t take it everyday because I’m definitely not interested in financial news, though occasionally I have read the editorials, but that’s that. I like it because it dwells more on Lifestyle, Culture, Food, Travel and well, books! If you can’t get the paper itself, log on to their website.

You can also go through their Archives and read several delightful articles and interesting posts. I first came to know about kitschy Indian-design based firms like PLAY CLAN, DESIGN TEMPLE, HAPPILY UNMARRIED, etc, in one of the articles covered in ‘Lounge’. Even their book reviews are quite nice.


  1. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

  2. You must...by all means :-) It is worth your time.

  3. You have good reviws in your blog..and I really didn't know about http://www.secondhandbooksindia.com/books1.php untill here..have u ordered books from here ?

  4. @ Vandana: Thanks a lot, though I have become pretty irregular :-)

    I read about secondhandbooksindia somewhere, but haven't tried myself. See, the thing is I would buy from there only if I am not finding a particular book anywhere. I prefer new books. Plus, you don't really get the book you want. But you can certainly try, you may get lucky!