Saturday, August 1, 2009

A very Good Offer for All Book Lovers

I came across this offer while going through my most preferred site for book-shopping – Indiaplaza. They have an offer called Indiplaza Book Club Membership Offer. For all the people who buy a lot of books throughout the year, it is a boon. Read all the details here.

My take on this is:
- You buy this Membership for Rs 500 and immediately when the Membership is activated, you get a free voucher worth Rs 500 for buying books. So you are not really paying anything for this Membership.
- Through this, you will get assured 25% discount on all the books throughout one year.
- My extensive research has shown me that most of the books are cheapest on Indiaplaza despite paying the shipping for the first book.

I have already taken the Membership and today I start my first purchase of free books worth Rs 500.

It can’t get better than this!


  1. hey... thakyou so much for your comments... :)
    m really sorry i couldnt take part in the tag... sumhow the rapid fire gives me creeps...heehee
    neways, this is a really sweet blog uv put up here...
    i reall liked sum of ur posts...
    n yeah, m surely going to digg into this membership offer...

  2. ooooops... really sorry... i geuss a lil firefox confusion here...
    neways... happy friendship day :)

  3. Hey Shambhavi, thanks that you liked my Blog. And do check out this offer. Actually, I have already taken it and I'm in the middle of ordering my free books for Rs 500. And hey, a very happy Friendship Day to you too. Keep smiling :)

  4. Indiatimes has similar offer and I have used it for some 2-3 years. But when they started adding shipping charges I stopped using the service.

    I know prefer to use flipkart for online transactions!!! Somehow have a bad experience with India Plaza. Either the books don't get delivered or they take hell lot of time in refunding money etc.

  5. far so good!I think sometimes I give these people benefit of doubt. Sometimes the books are so difficult to find, that they take a little longer also. But so far, normally I have got a good service. I also shop at It is slightly expensive for general books as they charge shipping quite heavily. But they have some of the 'out-of-stock' stuff. I got 'Second Turn' through that otherwise it was out of stock everywhere. You can also sell books!

  6. thanks 4 passing by stay connected..